About Me

My name is Matt Eisenstat and I’m a 4th year medical ┬ástudent currently applying for residency in Emergency Medicine. I have an interest in podcasting and medical education. This podcast was created in order to provide M1 and M2 students with review material that will help them on USMLE Step 1 and on basic medical science exams.

MBB Study

Thank you all for participating in this study. Please remember to fill out the pre-experiment survey and pre-test prior to listening to these podcasts. Use the podcasts in anyway that helps you! As you listen remember to keep track of how long you listen to the podcast total and what you’re doing when you listen to them. At the end of the module I will send out a final post-experiment survey and test. All correspondence will go through the email you provided to me.

MBB – Episode 2 – Antipsychotics

This is episode 2 of 8 in the MBB series. This episode contains all antipsychotics focusing on side effects and distinguishing characteristics that will help differentiate drugs on an exam. NOTE*** At one point I say typical and atypical antipsych medications are in the first generation. That is not correct typical antipsychotics are also known as 1st generation. Atypical antipsychotics are the 2nd and 3rd generation.

MBB – Episode 8 – Drugs of Abuse

This is the final episode in the MBB series. This podcast will cover the pharmacology of drugs of abuse, some withdrawal symptoms, and antidotes used in overdose. I believe I have a couple goof-ups in this episode that I was not able to edit out in time. Not content errors just inability to talk in English. Just remember “the windows are the eyes to the soul…”

MBB – Episode 6 – Alzheimer’s/MS/Huntington’s/Wilson’s

This is episode 6 of 8 in the MBB series. This is a miscellaneous neurology therapy lecture covering multiple therapies for these four neurological disorders.

MBB – Episode 4 – ADHD/Headache

This is episode 4 of 8 in the MBB series of podcasts. This episode will go over the various treatments for ADHD and briefly go over treatments for other early developmental disorders. In addition this episode contains the treatments for headaches focusing on migraine headache treatment and prophylaxis.

MBB – Episode 3 – Antiseizure Medications

This is the 3rd episode in the 8 episode MBB series. This podcast will cover medications for epilepsy and seizures in general. It will also BRIEFLY go over the basic classification of seizure types.

MBB – Episode 1 – Sedative/Hypnotic

This episode is the first of eight episodes dedicated to the Mind Brain Behavior module for second year students at my institution. This episode covers the pharmacology of sedative/hypnotic medications including benzos, barbiturates, sleeping medications, and a few atypical agents.